Sponge cleaning stick 2.5mm Fiber Optic Mini Clean Swabs



Sponge cleaning stick 2.5mm Fiber Optic Mini Clean Swabs



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Sponge cleaning stick 2.5mm Fiber Optic Mini Foam Clean Swabs

Product Details:


2.5mm Fiber Optic Foam Swabs is an economical solution for cleaning end faces and equipment test ports. 

Each 2.7" long foam swab no adhesives, binders or fibers to leave residues


High cleanliness level of superfine fiber and excellent detergency

Environment Operation Temperature -20°C to 60°C

Humidity 20% to 80%R.H.

Preservation Temperature -20°C to 60°C


Cleaning with solvents such as IPA

Applying lubricants and other liquids

 Removing excess materials

Wiping sensitive surfaces including coated optics

Fiber Optic Connector Inspection Steps:

Clean: Clean the end face of all components in each mated pair to avoid contamination before connection.
Inspect: Inspect each mated pair with a Fiber Inspection Microscope to verify end face cleanliness. If contamination is present, re-clean and re-inspect each mated pair. (Warning: Invisible laser radiation might be emitted from disconnected fibers or connectors. Do not stare into beams or view directly with optical instruments.)
Connect: Make each connection immediately after successful visual inspection of the mated pair.
RE-Clean: If you disconnect the connections, please re-clean and re-inspect all components before you connect.