Fiber to the Home(FTTH) is the installation and use of optical fiber directly to individual buildings such as a single family units (SFUs), like residences and multidwelling unites (MDUs), like apartment buildings, and businesses to provide high-speed broadband access. FTTH dramatically increases connection speeds and reliability for broadband networks compared to existing copper infrastructures

Fiber2C optical transceivers has covered from megabit to 100G base network. The maximum length up to 160km. With the beyond standard level optical budget control. It can always bring the end user a more smooth internet suffering experience. Fiber2C optical transceivers are covering most kinds, also we accept the high level customized products. We invite you to explore the Fiber2C FTTH advantages.

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HDMI solution

Fiber2C offers the group of optical media converter including the basic parts, the parts with POE function, the parts with SFP connection also the parts with SNMP function

Fiber2C Media converter can be customized with VLAN and DIP switch function, further more, rack-mount and built-in chassis type is accept to purchase.

Cable connectivity is the very basic parts of FTTH, small passive components carrying the high density network structure.

Fiber2C offering a group of easy chosen optical patchcord. We prepared a large quantity of the most popular type cables in stock to offer the local customer in a fast way. And also we welcome our customer to use our smart patchcord ordering tool to place PO from our site.

Fiber2C patchcord are strictly produced and tested. Also well packed.

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Media Converter
Media Converter
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High quality and Cost-effective 9/125µm Single-mode fiber patch cable. The 9/125µm single-mode fiber patch cable meets RoHS compliant, and all cables are 100% optically tested for insertion loss and ensure high quality, it is very cost-effective for network cabling.

Fiber2c also provides a full set of OEM services, such as fiber connector, length, color, fiber grade, specification, material, package etc.

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