SC/APC Pre-polished Ferrule Field Assembly Fast Connector

The SC / APC fast connector is pre-polished at the factory, and the field assembled connector is a popular solution for building and floor internal optical cabling and FTTH expansion for LAN and CCTV applications.



SC/APC Pre-polished Ferrule Field Assembly Fast Connector



Quality Guarantee

EASYCONN is field installable fiber connector with exquisite volume and excellent optical and mechanical performance developed by Fiber2c Technology. The EASYCONN is very reliable, easy to install product and far better than other similar products due to its unique alignment and matching liquid structure. 


  • FTTX
  • Ethernet backbone temporary or permanent connection
  • Outdoor optical fiber temporary connection
  • Military optical fiber network connection.


Item Parameters Remark
Insert Loss (IL)  Typical:0.20dB     Max:0.5dB 1310nm&1550nm
Return Loss (RL)  Typical:64dB       Max:60dB 1310nm&1550nm
Fiber SM  9/125um G657A1  
Installation time <10S(excluding fiber dispose)  
Tensile Strength >80N(Drop Cable),>50N(Φ2.0mm and Φ3.0mm cable) Peak force of cable tension
Reassembly times 10times  
Operation Temperature -40~+75℃  
Type of Cable Drop cable, Φ2.0mm and Φ3.0mm cable  

1. Linkage locking structure(Patent protected)

EASYCONN has a structure that can lock fiber and cable simultaneously. While press the handle in the end of connector, the cable are locked by the handle and 250um fiber are locked by locking ring at the same time. (Figure 1) . No additional tools needed in assembly.

2. Ferrule fiber coupling ( Patent protected)

The coupling between fiber and embedded fiber are designed in the ferrule other than “V” groove. This coupling structure provide high optical performance in harsh environment.

3. Closed matching fluid chamber (Patent protected )

The chamber prevent evaporation and metamorphism of matching fluid. The structure provide connector with long life time and environment adaptability. The connector can perfectly work in a wide temperature range from –40℃ to 80℃.

4. Front micro bend (Patent protected)

The fiber of the cable will bend just behind the ferrule, the bending will eliminate the gap between fiber coupling even in extreme temperature conditions.

5. Tool free reassembly structure

EASYCONN’s unique structure supports multiple times of reinstallation without any tools.

6. Front spring structure

The ferrule can adjust its position in each connection just like ordinary optical connectors and provide outstanding optical performance.

7. Sawtooth cable locking structure

The sawtooth cable locking structure greatly improved the tensile strength of the connector. The connector is designed for drop cable, Φ2.0mm and Φ3.0mm cable.

8. Staggered tooth structure of the aramid cable locking structure (Patent protected)

The structure will provide incredible tensile strength while using Φ2.0mm、Φ3.0mm cable.

9. Back micro bend

The back bend structure provide high optical performance even under high tension force.