FIBER2C ENDFACE INSPECTOR Portable Fiber End-face Visual Inspector with 1.25MM APC Adapter



FIBER2C ENDFACE INSPECTOR Portable Fiber End-face Visual Inspector with 1.25MM APC Adapter



Quality Guarantee

SANA 2 is manual focus automatic interferometer for single fiber connector based on many years' experience on the development of the interferomers. SANA 2 is with auto function such as auto adjust APC angle,auto test, auto indicate test result, etc.With newest software design, SANA 2 further improve the measurement accuracy and testspeed up to 0.5S. With fully new fixture platform and unique structure, SANA 2 greatly improves the anti-shake ,fixture life time and measurement stability.With low cost, high performance and durability, SANA 2 is a good choice for the fiber connector manufacturing.

Auto Analysis

With the help of Dimension’s rich experience on visual inspection, the latest hardware and software, Autoget can automatically analyze the fiber end-face quality based on IEC standard or customer defined criteria. The accurate and repeatable measurement results don’t rely on the experience of operator.

Accurate Testing Result

The optimized algorithm avoids any man-caused misjudgments. The reliable end-face inspection helps to ensure the product’s ultra performance in the field application.

Fast Measurement

Benefiting from the fast focusing and image analysis, Autoget can complete the whole test in 2 second or less. In any scenarios, Autoget helps to make the visual inspection easier and more efficient.

Auto Centering

For more accurate image analysis, Autoget indentifies the shifted fiber core image and moves to the center automatically.

Instant Status Indication

The operator can get the instant feedback of the testing results and working status, from the 3 color LED indicator on the probe.


The compact design and wide variety of adaptors give Autoget the flexibility for precise measurement, on desktop or onsite.

Hardware Instruction

Comprehensive Adaptors


Item  Parameters
Magnification 400X
Resolution 1.0um
Focus Automatic
System 7.5"MFP (Multi Function Platform)
Smart Phone
Power 2W
Operation Temperature -10°C+50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+70°C
Power Supply USB
Size 182mm*48mm*25mm
Weight  152g