20M Active Fiber Optic HDMI Cable



20M Active Fiber Optic HDMI Cable



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Fiber2c HDMI Fiber Cable Vs. HDMI Copper


Active Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

HDMI Copper


Fiber Optic



To transmit the 4K 60HZ ultra-high-definition images without any loss.

Difficult to support 4K video transmission. Picture distortion

Transmission distance

Active Fiber Optic HDMI Cable is longer(300m) , thinner and more flexible with better singnal quality.

The top-quality cable can be up 5 meters. It is vulnerable to external electromagnetic interference.

Transmission quality

High-definition images, high-fidelity

Transmission signal attenuation or distortion

What Fiber2c HDMI Fiber Cable Can Offer you:

  • Point-to-point and distributed ultrahigh definition video connections;
  • Easy to install and support UHD up to 300 meters and up to 4K@60Hz resolution;
  • No loss of signal over, No EMI interference and provides the highest performance connection than any other copper solutions.
  • No extenders, baluns or amplifiers are needed Fiber2c HDMI fiber cable can be installed with multiple cable pulls, providing the flexibility for remote component locations.

Fiber2c Fiber HDMI cable help you to solve your current installation problems with long distance and concealed installations of HDMI solutions for home entertainment system, business conference presentation systems, education classroom projection systems, digital signage and wherever a high definition video is required.